Dental Implants

Nobody plans on losing their teeth, but tooth loss is a common problem in the United States. Hundreds of millions of Americans have at least one missing tooth, and tens of millions of adults are missing all of their permanent teeth. Dental implants are the only permanent fix for missing teeth.

While it may not seem like a big deal to have one or two missing teeth, it can cause severe and painful general dentistry problems if this issue is left unaddressed. Missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift in an effort to fill the gap, leading to misalignment issues and jaw pain. Dental implants not only provide you with a natural-looking replacement, but they also encourage and preserve natural bone growth.

The Dangers of Missing Teeth

Most factors that lead to having missing or extracted teeth are highly preventable. Untreated tooth decay is the main cause of tooth infections, which sometimes require your specialty dentist to perform a tooth extraction. When dental decay is left untreated, cavities can form within your teeth. These cavities become a roadway for bacteria to enter your pulp, which is the innermost layer.

Your tooth pulp is where your nerves and blood vessels are located, meaning that when bacteria enter your pulp, you can experience serious and painful symptoms. If tooth decay is left neglected, it may leave extraction as your only option.

Other times gum disease and traumatic injuries are the cause of missing teeth. Gum disease causes pits to develop between your teeth and gums, causing your teeth to become loose. If the condition worsens, the pits can become significant enough that extraction is your only option.

Several ways to avoid having missing teeth include:

  • Not using tobacco products
  • Limiting your sugar consumption
  • Brushing and flossing regularly
  • Attending annual dental exams

Regardless of the cause of your missing teeth, dental implant services at Splendid Dental Bellaire are the best long-term solution. When teeth remain missing, especially back molars, your teeth can shift and move. Dental implants are a great way to avoid complications such as misalignment.

Benefits of Dental Implants in Houston, Texas

One benefit of dental implants is that they are safe and highly effective. In fact, ninety-eight percent of dental implant services are successful. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are inserted into your jawbone. What makes dental implants so beneficial is that they have a long life span. If you maintain them properly, dental implants can last for twenty years or more.

When you choose to receive one or more dental implants, your Splendid Dental Bellaire specialty dentist will create and mold a tooth that perfectly fits your mouth. When it comes time for your dentist to install your dental implants, you can return home shortly after they complete the procedure.

In order to maximize your treatment outcome, discussing dental implants with your dentist before having your tooth extracted will help minimize potential damage. The longer you wait to have a missing tooth replaced with dental implants, the greater your chances are of dealing with alignment and bite issues.

Missing teeth can cause additional strain on your jaw and remaining teeth, which can lead to pain, discomfort, and swelling. Leaving your gum unprotected can also increase your risk of experiencing infections, which is why timely dental implants are an excellent option.

Find the Best Dental Implant Service at Our West Houston City Orthodontist

If you have missing teeth or are planning to have one or more teeth extracted, dental implants are the best way you can protect your future dental health. At Splendid Dental Bellaire in Houston, we can help you with that. To find out more about dental implants or schedule an appointment, call us today at 713-244-7797.