young child receiving dental services from the Houston Sedation DentistSedation dentistry entails using pharmacological agents to allow you to go into dental appointments without fear and anxiety. A Splendid Dental Bellaire sedation dentist will make you feel welcome, comfortable, and offer you pain-free dental care.

For people with high anxiety, it’s recommended to seek a high-quality dental facility that provides specialist services with the latest sedation techniques.

At Splendid Dental Bellaire, our specialists will be ready to meet your unique needs and you’ll be able to accomplish all your dental care needs. The success of the approach at our facility will guarantee you’ll smile with confidence and chew food without pain.

Do I Need Sedation Dentistry?

Fear or anxiety makes many people avoid dental appointments. According to studies, an estimated 49.2% of adults in the US avoid the dentist because of fear and anxiety. In case you belong to this group, yet you suffer in silence, seek sedation dentistry services to receive much-needed dental care services.

There are several benefits you’ll get from sedation dentistry, such as:

  • Suppressed gag reflex
  • Induced relaxation
  • Ability to undergo multiple procedures at once
  • No fear of visiting the dentist
  • No discomfort during complex procedures

Who Qualifies for Sedation Dentistry?

Not everyone qualifies as a candidate for sedation dentistry. For you to establish whether you’re eligible, contact a certified sedation dentist for evaluation, which entails a comprehensive review of your medical history, allergies, and reactions to medications. A dentist will further assess the condition of your dental health and discuss with you why you may require sedation.

The specialist will then make a decision based on the assessment and propose an ideal treatment option. Be ready to learn about the preparations required on your part before undergoing the recommended sedation.

Sedation dentistry is suitable if you have a previous traumatic dental experience, sensitive gag reflex, sensitive teeth, and difficulty getting numb. It’s also apt if you have a high anxiety level, fear of dental tools, and discomfort with sounds or tastes related to dental procedures.

The Levels of Sedation Available

Sedation is classified at different levels. The first level is minimal sedation that keeps you awake but relaxed. The second level is moderate sedation, which makes you slur your words when speaking. Under these mild sedatives, you’ll not remember much about the procedure.

The third type is known as deep sedation, which leaves you on the edge of consciousness, but you can be easily awakened. The last level is general anesthesia that leaves you completely unconscious.

Learn More About Sedation Dentistry at Splendid Dental Bellaire

Sedation dentistry has numerous benefits, so don’t let fear or anxiety stop you from visiting a dentist anymore. Keep in mind that you’ll still need regular checkups, professional cleanings, and other procedures despite your fear of the dental clinic.

A comfort and stress-free visit to the dentist is achievable if you get the right sedation specialist. Visit a certified oral sedation dentist in Houston to benefit from a wide variety of sedation dentistry options, such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV sedation.

For optimal oral health, there are several other services offered at dental facilities, including:

Visit the best Houston sedation dentist today to ensure that nervousness will no longer prevent you from receiving comfortable and stress-free dental services. At Splendid Dental Bellaire, we have a team of experts who are ready to offer you the best sedation services in Texas. Call us at 713-244-7797 for more information on sedation dentistry or to schedule an appointment.