Annual and regular dental exams are a key part of maintaining and improving your dental health. While most Americans have seen a dentist at least once in the past year, many wait until they begin to experience symptoms like pain and discomfort to see their dentist. Pain is a symptom of an underlying condition and usually requires treatment. Tooth decay is a major symptom of poor dental hygiene and neglect. Fortunately, general dentistry Bellaire, TX offers can help your teeth, gums and mouth remain healthy and help you avoid potentially costly dental procedures.

Tooth decay is the most common dental problem in the United States. In fact, tooth decay impacts over 3.9 billion people worldwide, meaning that half of the population have some form of tooth decay. The destruction caused by tooth decay is why dental problems are the fourth most expensive medical conditions to treat in the United States and why you should see a Bellaire, TX general dentist.

How to Protect Your Dental HealthA man takes off his glasses and smiles after learning about Splendid Dental Care in Bellaire

A general dentist commonly sees the damage tooth decay can cause. Tooth decay occurs when food particles and bacteria are left to fester inside your mouth. Bacteria feed off of sugar, which is why limiting your sugar consumption is a major part of proper dental health. If you eat a lot of sugary foods, you are far from alone. Worldwide, sugar consumption has tripled over the last 50 years, and the United States is no exception.

Houston TX general dentistry, as well as the World Health Organization, recommend that you limit your daily sugar consumption to 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women, and only 12-25 grams if you are a child. However, the average American consumes 71 grams of sugar a day, nearly three times the recommended amount for women and children, and more than twice the recommended daily amount for men.

Sugar leads to tooth decay and heightens your risk of experiencing:

  • Gum disease
  • Infections
  • Pain
  • Visible decay
  • Discoloration

A Houston TX general dentist recommends that you floss daily and brush at least twice a day to help protect your mouth from decay. Tooth decay, worldwide, is the most common chronic health problem, which is why annual dental visits are so important for your oral health.

General Dentistry in Bellaire, TX

General dentistry in Bellaire, TX can identify early signs of tooth decay before you suffer from chronic problems. Dental problems like cavities and discoloration can have a negative impact on your physical health and emotional wellbeing. General dentistry can offer professional dental cleanings, which help remove any harmful particles and bacteria from your mouth.

Tooth decay is important to prevent and address early because it wears down the outer layer of your teeth. When your enamel starts to thin and cavities develop, it can create a perfect route for bacteria to enter your pulp and infect your tooth. General dentistry in Bellaire, TX can remove any tooth decay and fill your tooth before you experience a painful infection.

Another benefit of Houston TX general dentistry is that your dentist can administer fluoride treatments. General dentistry in Bellaire, TX offers fluoride treatments that help protect and strengthen your teeth while preventing tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are essential if you don’t drink or have access to water that has adequate levels of fluoride. Fluoride treatments are safe, effective and typically covered by most dental insurance plans.

Making an Appointment with a General Dentist Today

Neglecting your oral health can lead to damaging consequences. Minor tooth decay can lead to painful infections and gum disease. If you are ready to take control of your dental health, call us today at 832.365.4860 to find out more about the best general dentistry Bellaire, TX has to offer.